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Land is valuable, their not making anymore ...
With land being one of the most valuable things in the world due to its limited availability, people look to invest in land just like they would gold. We provide a service to enable people looking to invest in land connect with sellers in Thailand, specically Chiang Mai where prices are incredible right now.
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Land prices in Thailand have never been better with prices rising year on year for the past half a decade.
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Investing in Land is a fantastic place to put your hard earned money, not only is it a valuable growing asset but its asset that can develop.
Land Investment
In Thailand you can buy land relatively easily by setting up a company within the country with private Thai nationals who are hidden.
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With prices due to double in the coming years now is the time to start investing in Land in Thailand.
Land Is Valuable, Their Not Making Anymore ...
Land Available in Hang Dong, Mae Rim, Saraphi, San Sai, San Kamphaeng, Nimanhemin and Doi Saket
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At Land Investment dot co, we work with you to figure out what land is available in your price range and what kind of return you are looking to have. We are on hand to listen to all of your land investment and purchase requirements and help set up your process so that you can have the best chance at landing the right land and return that you are looking for.
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We are based in Chiang Mai, Thailand and have a unique relationship with all of our land sellers, we have verified all of the land we list and confirmed that all the correct titles are held and are transferrable. You can visit us at our office in Hang Dong to discuss your requirements further or simply connect today by call us on the numbers provided.
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Put your money into assets that retain and rise in value
Are you on the hunt for an investment that's virtually guaranteed to increase in value regardless of whether it is long-term or short-term? Then buy land! Being a land investor isn't always prestigious but is definitely one of the finest ways to create wealth over the long-haul.

When it comes to Land, it is about the best investment you can make right now. Forget about venture capitalism and the stock market. If you want to make an investment that is both profitable and safe, then buy land. Here are three rock-rock solid reasons why you should be making land investment:

Once you buy land, you don't need to spend extra to maintain the land. You can sell it as is. The most people do is find out if the property is suitable for building. Vacant Land is a "Hands-Off" Investment Are you completely fed up with having to deal with leaking roofs, mold, bursting pipes, bugs, lawn care, and a bunch of other problems that come with owning a house or building? Well, raw land doesn't involve any of those things.

Land investment gives you peace of mind since it is a tangible asset and a long term investment that never wears.
For most people, an investment in realty is the single largest investment they will ever make. Whether you are looking to make your first investment in property as a safe haven from volatile markets or as part of a larger investment plan, the two most common choices are plots of land and pre-built houses. Houses are by far the more common option as a first investment simply because most first-time owners use it as a means to save money on rent while increasing their savings. However, certain vacant lots may prove to have even greater potential for returns.

This may be because of other property developments in the area which drastically increase the land investment value above usual rates. Certain land investments may prove to give higher returns in terms of rent if they are in designated commercial areas. In either case, research goes a long way in helping you decide whether to invest in a house or in land.

Raw Land Is a Valuable Resource

The mere fact that they aren't making more of it, those who make land investments have an asset that is high in demand. Once you invest in a piece of land in the right location, it will definitely appreciate over time and get you good returns over the long-haul. Conclusion And speaking of the current economy: there is no better time than now to invest in land. If you're willing to be diligent in your search, there are amazing deals out there ready to be snatched up. As they say, "Do not wait to buy land, buy land and wait."
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Benefits of investing in land
Are you are an entrepreneur and you are looking for where to put your coins? Land investment is the best option for you. You may think that vacant land is boring, that it doesn’t produce income, well, that is a misconception.

Truth has it that land investment is very cheap to maintain once you have bought it. All you need is to dump in your money and wait for time utility to grow your property value. The value of land appreciates with time. It is an asset that is not subjected to wear and tear that may lead to depreciation. Money saved in the bank may be affected by inflation but not Land. You will enjoy peace of mind by venturing into land investment.

While buying land, all you need to take care of is the suitability of the property. Is it at a prime location? Suitable for construction of houses or farming? You don’t need anything else, leave alone capital to develop the land. Just leave it as bare and it will still grow in value over time.
Invest In Land
The only costs you may incur are the land rates/taxes that are very low and an insurance cover if any is needed. Very easy to maintain, isn’t it? If you are the kind of investor who doesn’t want to be involved in tough competitions over customers then land investment is your thing. You will not struggle with branding, advertisement and all those stuffs to promote your product.

Land sells itself! It’s actually you the land owner who will set the rules for the game. All you need is the right papers and a reliable attorney to speed up transactions. Land investment can be equated to a savings account that grows even without you making monthly deposits. It grows with your hands-off. Just buy and forget for a while then resale and make your profit.
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Love Thailand? Now is the PERFECT time to invest in its land, we all know that Thailand is well known around the world for its delicious cuisine, beautiful beaches, pristine land, beautiful climate, interesting culture and welcoming people.

Thailand continues to remain a popular tourist destination welcoming over 20 million visitors each year. These visitors come from all around the world, from Northern Europe, the US, all the way down to Australia.

Tourism remains an important part of Thailand’s economy and the Thai people are a warm and welcoming people – some might say that it is the perfect match! As much of the world continues to struggle, Thailand’s economy continues to remain strong and Thai people and those foreigners living in the country continue to remain happy.

While Thailand is the perfect place to visit, it is also the perfect place to invest. Investing in land in Thailand is a very attractive option for those seeking to make long-term profits and for those who are considering residing or one day retiring to live in this beautiful Kingdom.

Up until this point in time, investing in land in Thailand has been relatively limited, however as Thailand continues to open its doors and arms to people from all over the world, new opportunities to invest in land in Thailand havealso arisen. If you have ever thought about investing in land in Thailand, now is certainly the perfect time to act on those thoughts.
There is a common misconception that foreigners are forbidden from purchasing land in Thailand. We are not quite sure why these misconceptions continue to remain but we are here to tell you they are wrong and that Thailand continues to welcome foreign investment.

Thailand recognizes the importance of foreign investment in its land and continues to work hard to make the nation as welcoming as possible for people from all around the world. Thailand has a lot of pristine and fertile land that it wants to share with the world.

We are to tell you that there are numerous instances in which a foreigner is allowed to purchase land in Thailand. Thai property law generally allows foreigners with significant funds to own land in Thailand. Thailand real estate law stipulates that foreigners are able to purchase and own a certain amount of land based on an investment of 40 million baht for five consecutive years, provided the land is used for residential purposes or simply by part owning a company set up for the purpose of land investment enables the route.

Foreigners are also permitted to lease land for up to 30 years and are allowed to be an investor in a Thailand-registered company that owns land in Thailand. Thai law also allows for family members to one day inherit your land ensuring that your investment remains in your family. If you are lucky enough to be married to a Thai national, your Thai spouse may also be allowed to buy land or property in Thailand in his or her own name.
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Benefits of owning land financially
When it comes to committing your money in some form of investment, one question that always comes to mind is the returns you are likely to get from that investment. You need to consider the viability of the investment venture and even conduct a feasibility study to establish the risk involved.

This is especially true for investments like stocks and small medium enterprises. However, there are investments that are less risky to get involved with, and in any case they guarantee you handsome returns with a reasonable time frame. One such investment is land. This is the kind of venture that will always give you value for money, whether you invest in large or small scale. Many of the land investors will reveal to you that they started small to get to where they are today.

Under-developed land especially comes with an advantage that cannot be found with already developed land. Although it is becoming increasingly difficult to get virgin land near the urban areas, you can still find cheap and affordable pieces of land in the remote areas in the country.
Investing in land comes with several benefits, the biggest advantage being that land is the only asset that never depreciates in value. You can buy today and sell it off in a few months, at a profit. However, one reason that makes people fear land investment is the fear of being ripped off. To deal with this and avoid such a situation, you should always ensure to check with the lands office in the jurisdiction to confirm ownership.

Although there are people who view land investment as a boring venture that does not generate any income, nothing could be further from the truth. The piece of land may not generate immediate income for you, especially in Thailand, and with it developing it into a place where people can go camping or fishing at a fee will not only generate some extra money for you, but it will also be a great way to convert your passion in landscaping or hospitality into a business.

Land Investment Competition

Land investment comes with very little competition if any. Unlike investment in property where everyone is trying to lay their hands on every building available for sale, land investors are relatively few. One of the reasons for this is because there is the notion that buying vacant or undeveloped land is more costly than buying already developed land.

On the contrary, buying vacant land could be cheaper in the long run because you could decide not to do anything with the land and just sell it off when it has appreciated to the value you have been waiting for. Developed land or property on the other hand may cost you more as it may require renovations and repairs. Selling it off afterwards may prove difficult because of the appreciation factor. This is the time to buy land before prices shoot up; the low prices will not last forever. Land is also a scarce resource and is not expanding. Do not wait to buy; buy and wait.

Buying and then selling land in thailand

While buying land in Thailand may be lucrative given the nature of fast growing real estate investment industry, it is paramount to watch out. It will be painful to dump your dollars into property then loose it for skipping some vital legal procedure.

You may also need to select a prime location just in case you will want to resale the land faster when flipping, but for longer terms investment location isn't everything.

Once you have settled on the land to buy or sale in Thailand, involve a lawyer of your choosing, we can recommend some good practices but we like this to be an independant process so that you are able to have absolute satisfaction in your individual choices.

According to the law in Thailand, you are not allowed to own land in your name unless you are its citizen, but a Thailand registered company may own land. The lawyer will assist you to meet all the legal requirements of registering a company that will then acquire the property.
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Alternatively, if your spouse is a citizen of Thailand, you may buy and sale land in his or her name. Many foreigners have tried this but complications do arise in case of divorce so traveling the company route is often seen as a preferred manner to conduct your investment. You will be required to sign a document stating that the land has been bought by your spouse as a personal property.

You can try the leasehold agreement method which is where you will enjoy the interest rates over the property for an agreed period of time, usually a maximum of 30 years. It is possible to sale or transfer the leasehold. This method is very popular for those who are not citizens of Thailand because it is not complicated, so before buying or selling land in Thailand, engage our trusted agents and a Lawyer so you make the safest investment possible.

More information regarding the investment process is available on contact.
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